Special Edition Mario 2

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We finally finished off the the Super Mario Trilogy!! We think Mario 2 was a great game that influenced Mario 3 to be what it was. In the front of the controller you can see right in the center the pick screen. This was the first time we could pick different characters and use their abilities. As you can see Mario, Peach, Luigi, and Toad battle their enemies in all different levels in the game. On the back, we have them going through the ice and sand levels and in the end battling Wart. We also added a few Easter eggs to give tribute to the original game it was based from.

Laser engraved on approximately 5.15 x2.25 " Cherry Hardwood, The Dpad and Start/ Select buttons are made with Walnut and the A/B buttons and Stand inlay are Cedar.

***Please keep in mind the cedar wood (A B buttons and Stand) will vary in tonal color***

Please Allow Two to Three weeks for shipping. Batch 1 will be limited to 50, Special edition Mario 2 will be limited to 25 making a total of 75. After they sell out online the only way to get them, is to come grab one of the select few that have been put off to the side for conventions only!!

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