Ovomorph Mini

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Could be a nightlight, could be decorative, could be that it will hatch in the middle of the night to hug your face....

The egg itself is resin that is UV reactive (glows in the dark, that hold a facehugger in the center also made of resin, and UV reactive. Nestled snugly on a piece of hardwood cherry complete with Victorian frame and Wayland logo.

Each egg will vary in tones of green and flesh resin, making it truly a one of a kind piece. Approximately 5" x 7" this piece also has a light in the back.

***it is not flush** please refer to pictures. The light requires 3 AAA batteries that are NOT included. The light also comes with a remote so you can change the color of the backlight.

These will be made in groups of 10 until we hit 50, once the 10 are sold, we will make another 10. please check back periodically if they happen to be sold out.

Please allow Two to Three week for shipping.

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