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Laser engraved on approximately 11.5" x 17.5" Cherry Hardwood. 

As you can see the board has the blood of your enemies, with the inscription of "Long live the empire" and "For the honor and glory" 

The Klingon letters and emblem are made with 1/8" birch wood and red textured paper in the background.  The design itself is meant to mimic a Bird-of-Prey warship.

Kahless bat'leth is made from steel and is wrapped in a faux leather strap.  It has pattern markings of Kahless and the Emblem in the middle. It is cut with a water jet and is not sharp to the touch but the pointed ends can cause damage or harm so please be careful! It is held in place with magnets, and can come off/on with ease. When removing the bat’leth please lift bottom up to prevent scratches to the art work.


**The Bat'leth is not a toy, please keep away from children.**

Batch 1 will be limited to 50. After they sell out online the only way to get them, is to come grab one of the select few that have been put off to the side for conventions only!!

These are made to order so please allow two to three weeks for shipping.

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