Klingon Mini

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Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!! (Today is a good day to die!!) All Star Trek fans know the greatest warriors are Klingons. They are ruthlessness and brutal but with militaristic traits of the of honor and strict warrior code. This piece is not only a tribute to Klingons but Kahless, with the bat'leth of Kahless on either side of the logo. Qapla'

Engraved on approximately 5"x7" Cherry Hardwood, with birch plywood inlay and red paper for color. Batch 1 of this release will consist of 50 Plaques labeled and numbered.  After they sell out online the only way to get them, is to come grab one of the select few that have been put off to the side for conventions only!!

Please allow Two to Three weeks for shipping.

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