Contra 2.0 Special Edition

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**please pick controller + stand, if you would like a stand. Located in the drop down menu*** Contra 2.0 special edition controllers are here! Here is your chance to get a Contra controller if you happen to miss out in the past. It is the same design as Contra 2.0 made with the special edition buttons. On the front we have Bill and Lance trying to defeat Godomuga, Gromaides, and the Defense wall. On the back we have them fighting their way through the level to get to Gomeramos King. Make sure you use the code! Engraved on approximately 5.15 x2.25 " Cherry Hardwood with walnut D pad, and start select buttons. And cedar A B buttons. As well as cedar inlay for the stand. Version 2.0 Special edition of this release will consist of 25 controllers labeled and numbered. Once they are sold out, they go into our vault. After they sell out online the only way to get them, is to come grab one of the select few that have been put off to the side for conventions only!! Please allow Two to Three weeks for shipping.

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