ConBatch Ouija Board

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**Please Note** Con batches are meant to be sold in person, so some of the wood may have some blemishes (dark grains running though the art, or naturally occurring knots in the wood). We save these specifically for conventions so people can see it in person and decide wither or not they are okay with it. If you would like to see a picture prior to us mailing it out please send us a direct email at with your order number. 

The Convention Batch Ouija Board is the same design as the original. With the exception of not having a number on the back, Instead it will have "con batch" in place of the number. We have a very limited amount restocked that would have been reserved for conventions only. Since conventions will be canceled for a while we decided to put them online until the social distance restrictions are lifted.

Please allow two to three weeks for shipping

***Due to Covid-19 to limit everyone's exposure we will only be dropping off to the post office once per week.**

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