Selenite Charging plate Large

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**These are made to order, please allow up to two weeks**

Approximate dimensions:

(crystals on the plate NOT included)

1.7 kg /3.6lbs
30.48cm x 30.48cm | 12in x 12in

selenite plate dimensions:

15cm Diameter | 6in Diameter

This was a labor of love, a definite passion for the art of everything I do,
I am a maker, an artist, a lover of herbs and flowers, a spellweaver, a collector of crystals and eccentric objects.
I hope I encompassed the love of all my passions within this very unique crystal Grid/ Charging plate. A lot of love went into the making of this.

There are 9 layers of Birch wood that have been cut by laser, stained painted and glued together.
The layered wood is meant to mimic that of a lotus mandala. the Lotus flower grows in the murky depths of swamp water.
This plat is the embodiment of that birth. The Selenite plate is held in place with epoxy resin and should never move.
The selenite is engraved to imitate the style of a mandala flower, in a circular grid.

The outer layer includes 4 Crystals. Amethyst, Clear quartz, and tourmaline, and Obsidian. adorned with real dried flowers, and synthetic moss.
Everything was carefully arranged to what I believe to be the most pleasing, and non intrusive to the actual charging area. the look of it is that of a swamp,
so it will look "wet" but rest assure it is not.

The Selenite crystal stone meaning is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. There is no need to actually "clean" selenite for these reasons, they will clean and clear negative on their own.

**Dried flowers fade in sun, and grow mold in moister. So please do take care of your location for your plate. Wood also does not do well in high moister areas.**

I absolutely loved making this and I have used it to charge my personal crystals during the full moon, to make sure leaving it out over night will not damage it.
as long as there is no rain or high humidity, it will do well. Before it makes is way to its new home I will care for it as it is my own, and give it as much radiant energy as i possibly can.

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