Selenite Bowl

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Approximate dimensions:

(crystals on the plate NOT included)

1.14 kg /2.52lbs
26.67cm x 26.67cm | 10.5in x 10.5in

selenite bowl dimensions:

14.5 cm Diameter | 5.7in Diameter

This was a labor of love, a definite passion for the art of everything I do,
I am a maker, an artist, a lover of herbs and flowers, a spellweaver, a collector of crystals and eccentric objects.
I hope I encompassed the love of all my passions within this very unique crystal Grid/ bowl/Charging plate.

There are 5 layers of Birch wood that have been cut by laser, stained painted and glued together.
The layered wood is meant to mimic that of a crescent moon lotus mandala. The Lotus flower grows in the murky depths of Mother Gaia,
That meets the crescent moon in Father sky. The Selenite bowl is incased in resin to ensure it will never move.

The Selenite crystal stone meaning is all about purification, clearing, and positive energy. There is no need to actually "clean" selenite for these reasons, they will clean and clear negative on their own.

**Dried flowers fade in sun, and grow mold in moister, please keep this in mind for the location of your plate.**

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