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The Tarot card Death Depicted as the Goddess Hecate.

She is  the keeper of the crossroads. She is the Goddess of boundaries the keeper of doorways and the key holder to the underworld.  As the holder of the keys that can unlock the gates between realms, she can unlock the gates of death. That is why she is perfect to hold the place of Death in the Tarot deck. This card and eventually this deck is dedicated to the Divine Feminine, and her rise. 

Death: The Death card is probably the most feared and misunderstood of all the cards in the Tarot deck. Contrary to the name it can be the most powerfully uplifting card in the deck. The Death card symbolizes the end of a major phase or aspect of your life that you release and is no longer serving you, opening up the possibility of something far more valuable and essential. You must close one door to open another.  

When Hecate shows up in your life, you are usually at a crossroads...possibly a choice has to be made. Perhaps you fear the unknown. If you allow her, she will lovingly guide you through this doorway with an open heart, as the other door that is holding you back closes.

Hecate is normally accompanied by the hounds of hell, snakes and torches. They are all present but not in typical format. the snakes and hounds are represented as tattoos, along with the symbol of death, and instead of torches, she ignites the flames in her own hands. 

Large is Engraved on approximately 11.5" x 17.5" Cherry Hardwood.

Mini is Engraved on approximately 5" x 9" Cherry Hardwood.

Batch 1 Limited to 50 per size

Please allow two to three weeks for shipping.

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