The Tower

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-The Tower-

One of the Major Arcana's that tends to get a bad wrap. But If you look deep into the card as well as the Goddess representing it, they are one in the same. They will destroy everything in your life that is no longer serving you, to give you everything you ever wanted. 

Kali, the liberator, the destructor, the dark goddess.  If you've ever work with her you know full well she will tare off your own head and feed it back to you, if it means it will make you see truth, see yourself for the divine being that she know you are. Kali will go into your shadows, and love you, love every part of you that you dammed in yourself. She will show you the life you are very capable of living, even if that means setting fire to everything that you have already built for yourself. Only those truly ready will head her call.

Large Engraved on approximately 11.5" x 17.5" Cherry Hardwood.

Mini Engraved on approximately 5" x 9" Cherry Hardwood.

Batch 1 Limited to 50 Per size

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